Council Votes 5-2 To Accept Recommendations and Approve Pay Hikes for Mayor, Councillors

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 02/06/2019 - 00:12


Saline’s elected leaders will receive a small bump in pay. Saline City Council voted 5-2 to accept the recommendation of the Local Officers Compensation Commission and increase the pay of the mayor and members of council.The Mayor’s annual pay will increase from $4,532 last year, to $4,670 in 2019 and $4,800 in 2020. The annual pay for the Mayor ProTem and Saline City Council members will rise from $2,626 last year to $3,000 in 2019 and $3,200 in 2020..

The new salaries take effect Jan. 18.

The Local Officers Compensation Commission was composed of Mary Hess, chairperson, Gene Corfman, Pat Jensen, Leslie Parsels and Rebecca Schneider.

In a memo to council, the commission noted that council rejected its most recent pay recommendations in 2017. The memo stated the new compensation levels are in line with similar Michigan cities - although that data was not made public.

Council briefly debated the motion before voting.

Mayor Marl thanked the members who served on the commission and for made the recommendation, but said he would not vote for a raise.

“I appreciate the vote of confidence and hope they think the City of Saline is on the right track, however, I will be voting against the recommendation (to raise salaries,” Marl said. “If this position did not provide compensation, I would still do it.”

Mayor ProTem Linda TerHaar disagreed.

“The amount of money is small. But in our society, we often measure things in dollars and cents,” TerHaar said.

She said that when the city could afford to raise the nominal salaries, council should accept the commission’s recommendations.

TerHaar’s side won the day. She was joined by Councillors Dean Girbach, Christen Mitchell, Jack Ceo and Janet Dillon in voting to increase salaries. Mayor Marl and Councillor Heidi McClelland voted against increasing pay.

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