Letter: Mayor Marl Endorses Girbach, Dillon, Mitchell

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 10/10/2016 - 23:57

(This letter was submitted by Saline Mayor Brian Marl)


Neighbors, friends, and fellow Saline residents,

As I have stated on numerous occasions, I feel that the citizens of our community deserve to know how their Mayor feels about important issues affecting our city. With the upcoming election less than a month away, I thought it was incumbent on me to share some thoughts relating to the City Council election.

Firstly, it is with regret – but with sincere gratitude – that we say “goodbye” to Mayor Pro-Tem David Rhoads after 10 years of extraordinary service to the City of Saline. David has been a leader on so many issues, and we will miss his insights and thoughtful approach to problem solving. But we wish him well, and know that he will continue to find ways to better his community.

Secondly, I strongly urge the election of Christen Mitchell to replace Councilman Rhoads. Christen and her husband, Michael McVey, are active in our community: Christen serves on our Arts and Culture Committee and Zoning Board of Appeals, and Michael serves on the Environmental Commission. I have been impressed with Christen’s dedication and sincere interest in serving her hometown in greater ways. I know she will be an outstanding addition to our already stellar team on City Council.

Council Members Dean Girbach and Janet Dillon deserve to be reelected. Dean Girbach has an impressive background in public finance and budgeting, and is committed to making Saline a more welcoming and inclusive place. Janet Dillon is an extremely hard worker, and has shown great interest in a number of major municipal issues.

While I respect anyone who puts themselves forward as a candidate for elective office, I believe it’s critical for leaders to be deeply involved in their community – that means getting their hands dirty, volunteering, and getting to know our citizens and what they expect from their local government. Christen, Dean, and Janet have done this – and to paraphrase the old saying, “Talking is great, but doing is so much more significant.”

I encourage everyone to do your own research; however, when you do, I’m hopeful you will come to the same conclusions that I have. Regardless of what you decide, please remember to exercise your right and vote on November 8.


Brian D. Marl

Mayor, City of Saline

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