Marl Says City Could Use New Blight Ordinance to Clear Failed Car Wash Site

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 05/23/2019 - 00:51

The City of Saline has once again run out of patience with the owners of Clean Get Away car wash – the unfinished structure behind Tractor Supply.

At Wednesday’s meeting of the planning commission, city Superintendent Gary Roubal told commissioners the car wash’s site plan approval has expired because no building permit has been granted since commissioners granted approval last April.

The owners are free to submit a plan for re-approval, but it seems highly unlikely to gain city favor, judging by the comments of Mayor Brian Marl.

“I am a patient person and I am accommodating to people who want to invest in the city and create jobs. But my patience is exhausted,” Marl said. “If I were to entertain another site plan approval, our options would be yes and no, and if I had a third option, it would be ‘Hell no,’” Marl said.

Planning Commissioner chairman Scott Fosdick noted there have been plans for the car wash since 2016. Roubal said the plan first ran into trouble when the owner had a legal dispute with a contractor. Then the owner was faced with the downtown of the market, Roubal said.

The city had already lost patience with the development, but Scott Guthre, a prospective new owner with plans to finish the car wash, gained the commission’s approval of a site plan. The property has remained unchanged and weeds and grass are growing high around the unfinished car wash.

The property is owned by Rosebud Properties, which is listed as a Belleville address, according to the city's website.

Marl suggested the city could use a new ordinance to clean up the site.

“City council adopted a blighted and dangerous building ordinance, and I think this failed development applies. I will be an advocate for implementing the ordinance to clear this site,” Marl said.


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