Mayor Greenlights Nora McGillicuddy's Plans to Honor Veterans

 12/13/2016 - 01:36
10-year-old Nora McGillicuddy addresses City Council with her plans to honor local veterans.

Last Monday's Saline City Council meeting began with a presentation by 10-year-old Nora McGillicuddy promoting the “Greenlight a Vet” program. She has set up her own website to encourage participation.

Greenlight a Vet is a program to demonstrate support for veterans by displaying a green light outside a home or business. Saline Bank of Ann Arbor began participating last year.

“I feel that veterans do not see how much we appreciate them,” McGillicuddy said. “I think it is important to appreciate veterans all year round, not just on Veterans Day.”

McGillicuddy brought green bulbs for all of the council members and said that she “would love to see Saline be a leader in the Greenlight a Vet program.” Mayor Brian Marl praised her for her initiative and her skilled presentation. He presented her with a pin displaying the City Seal.


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