Pittsfield Residents Asked to Take Survey on Bicycle Lanes, Stormwater Management

 03/26/2018 - 22:26

Pittsfield Township, in partnership with the University of Michigan and The League of American Bicyclists, is providing an opportunity for its residents to provide their input on how to improve stormwater management and expand bike lanes, respectively, in our community.

 The partnership with students from the University of Michigan’s Urban and Regional Planning Program is to understand community preferences on improving stormwater management in our community.

The partnership with The League of American Bicyclists is through their Bicycle Friendly America program which is a tool for communities to get feedback and make bicycling a viable transportation and recreation option within our community.

 Each of the two surveys are open from March 26 - April 8 and responses will remain anonymous.

 The links to complete these surveys can be found on the Township’s website at:

www.pittsfield-mi.gov/stormwatersurvey and www.pittsfield-mi.gov/bicyclesurvey.

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