Saline Police Department To Purchase Hybrid Ford Interceptor

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 08/23/2019 - 15:48
(Image from Ford Motor Company's website)

The Saline Police Department will add a hybrid vehicle to its fleet.

Saline City Council voted 7-0 to approve the purchase of a 2020 Ford Interceptor utility hybrid electric vehicle from Signature Ford, of Owosso, for $43,334.

“We’re hoping to reduce our carbon footprint and fuel consumption,” Police Chief Jerrod Hart told council.

Using a calculator provided by the Ford Motor Company, Hart determined use of the hybrid electric vehicle will save the department about $1,091 annually based on average mileage and the $2.19 a gallon fuel costs at the Saline DPW.

In addition, Hart said, the department isn’t losing any performance.

“Based on articles I’ve read, (Ford Interceptors) are performing so well in testing by Michigan State Police, in California, and elsewhere,” Hart said.

The vehicle will replace a five-year old Chevy Tahoe.

“The 2015 Tahoe has 63,000 miles. Sometimes it’s on the go 16 hours a day. It was starting to show its age and it we were experience engine knocks. Tahoes have been known to have an issue with engine idle,” Hart said.

Hart said another Tahoe had its engine blow.

He said that while Tahoes have command and presence, they’re also growing more expensive.

Councillor Linda TerHaar said she was pleased the department was moving to a hybrid. She said Clean Cities, a sub-organization of the Department of Energy, is recommending hybrid emergency vehicles because these vehicles spend so much time idling.

Councillor Jack Ceo thanked Hart for being innovative and somewhat of a risk taker.


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