Saline Police Step Up Traffic Enforcement on Henry Street

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 01/23/2018 - 19:16

Less than 24 hours after Mayor Brian Marl said he hoped traffic enforcement would be a part of the plan to tackle speeders on Henry Street, the Saline Police Department was in action.

Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart took Twitter and announced police were conducting enforcement on Henry Street.

Officer Dave Ringe stopped a violator in the morning and Chief hart stopped one during lunch hour. Chief Hart also said police officers would be out conducting enforcement in the evening.

A traffic study found that drivers were traveling about nine miles per hour too fast on East Henry Street and a few miles per hour too fast on West Henry Street. Midwestern Consulting also made several recommendations, including double lane striping, bumped out curbs, speed limit feedback signs and speed bumps. The consultant recommended against a four-way stop at Ann Arbor and Henry Street and also reported the intersection did not meet the criteria for a signal.

At Monday's city council work meeting, Mayor Marl suggested one important part of the solution is traffic enforcement.

“For years Saline was known for being aggressive in its traffic enforcement. I was proud of that standard and I think it has declined a bit,” Marl said. “It was beneficial to the residents and I’d like to see greater police visibility in the coming years.”

The traffic study is attached below.

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