Saline's Arts and Culture Committee Collaborates to Complete Projects in Community

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 07/04/2018 - 19:47

With a tiny budget, Saline's Arts and Culture Committee continues to promote creativity and beauty in the City of Saline.

Kathy Krone, chairperson of the city committee, appeared before Saline City Council June 18 to present the committee's annual report.

With a small budget, the group's big focus is collaboration with other organizations.

Most Salinians have seen the outdoor paintings displayed around downtown Saline. It's part of the "Art Around Saline" project, a joint venture of the arts and culture committee, Saline Main Street and the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce. Most recently, five new pieces were funded with a grant from Destination Ann Arbor.

Krone said the committee is working with the Parks Commission and Saline Community Education on an art exhibit at Henne Field.

The committee is also working to bring more exposure to the Bixby Marionettes. Meredith Bixby's "Meredith Marionettes Touring Company" toured the country for more than 40 years. His handcrafted puppets have appeared in 20,000 performances over the years. In 1997, Meredith Bixby made the City of Saline trustee for this extensive collection.

The committee is working with an oral history program about the marionettes with local residents and the Michigan Oral History Society. Expect to see new marionette exhibits at Liberty School and a refreshed exhibit at the library.

The committee once again partnered with Saline Area Schools and Saline Main Street to place 49 student-created banners, which are affixed to light posts in downtown Saline.

This year, the Arts and Culture Committee will have a student representative.

"We want to have more youth involved. We're working with Saline High School. A student representative will give us new input," Krone said.

The Arts and Culture Committee studied the potential of using "Old Maude" railroad tracks, found and removed during the Michigan Avenue construction project, for an art piece. Krone said a sculpture was cost-prohibitive.

Answering a question from Councillor Dean Girbach, said the committee is moving forward with a sculture at Henne Field - but that it will be smaller than orginally planned. Krone suggested there may be CARES funding available for the project.


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