Some Members of Council Question City Manager's Plan to Replace Retiring Gary Roubal

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 05/26/2019 - 13:57

Gary Roubal, the City of Saline's Superintendent and Engineer, is retiring in July. Roubal, who served in Vietnam with the United States Marine Corps, has managed city construction projects and developments since 1987.

Roubal's departure was revealed at Monday's meeting of Saline City Council, as Councillors Janet Dillon and Christen Mitchell took issue with City Manager Todd Campbell's succession plan.

The city is using Roubal's retirement as an opportunity to roll the building department into Department of Public Works - an idea straight out of Novak Consulting Group's organizational review. Campbell vaguely outlined the plan to merge the superintendent's and DPW director's duties into two jobs: The DPW Director and Assistant DPW Director.

DPW Director Jeff Fordice is current working with Roubal to learn many of his day-to-day duties.

Councillor Mitchell and Dillon both stated like the city to prioritize a different recommendation from the study - the creation of a human resources manager.

"Human resources management is a key element to the city's organization and a highly stress that is the position I would like to see filled first. It's absolutely key right now," Dillon said, adding that she'd also like to see a full-time code compliance officer.

Mitchell said it it was her recollection the Novak prioritized the hiring of a human resources manager. Mayor Brian Marl disagreed with Mitchell's assessment. Campbell noted the Novak Group made it clear their recommendations were suggestions, and that community's could choose different paths and priorities depending on their needs.

With Roubal's departure only weeks away, the city needs to make decisions in short order. A work session will be held June 3.



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