Township Approves Stipend for York Meadows Road Work

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 08/20/2016 - 20:28

The York Township Board issued a stipend worth $4,335 to the York Meadows subdivision at its regular meeting August 9.

The payment is part of the township’s incentive program “to repair and keep the roads in good shape,” according to Supervisor John Stanowski.

York Meadows is located off Willis Road, west of Platt Road.

Tiffany Wallace, the Association Manager for York Meadows, appeared at the meeting to explain the roadwork they are planning. “The cracks in the road are getting worse,” she said.

The association plans to have Scodeller Construction do the crack sealing for them at $9,850.

The board approved the request for the stipend.

The stipend is available from the township no more than once every 10 years, explained Stanowski.

In other business, Ronald E. Cook spoke to the township board, requesting a refund of his Phase I pavement deposit in the Deer Ridge development.

Cook, the developer, has arranged for partial paving on some roads in the proposed development. “We’d like a refund of $75,000” he told the board.

Deer Ridge is located north east of Judd and Moon Roads, in the Saline school district. The property contains almost 80 acres and is expected to hold 49 homes.

Board members told him they would have to hold back some of his deposit as a surety, since he has more paving yet to do.

The board also heard a report from Stanowski about the proposed purchase of property in Mooreville for parkland.

The six-acre parcel along the Saline River is intended to eventually connect Saline and Milan along the Saline River. The Leslee Neithammer Preserve could accommodate canoes or kayaks at the Saline end.

The Preserve is owned by York Township and operated by Friends of the Saline River, a consortium of Milan, Saline, and York Township. “Friends” is working to remove debris from the river so it will be open to canoes and kayaks.

If purchased, the Mooreville parcel would provide a part-way point for recreational boats.

The proposed park in Mooreville is southwest of Dennison Road and Mooreville Road.

Stanowski indicated the township and the seller have come very close on the price, but he declined to mention the latest offers publicly.

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