Township Fields Questions on Andelina Farms Development, Approves Appointments

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 12/12/2019 - 02:31

The Saline Township board took care of their December business in forty minutes at their meeting on Monday evening.

In the consent agenda, the board approved $27,975.53 to the Washtenaw County Road Commission which was the final payment for the Braun Bridge repair project and an additional $24,553.24 for limestone/brine treatments to the roads.

Andelina Farms:

During public comment, a township resident questioned the board about the city’s potential plans to relocate its wastewater treatment plant and asked for an update about Andelina Farms.

The resident had heard about proposed locations for a new Saline wastewater treatment plan, one of which would be adjacent to her property. The board said that no information had been provided to them. Another member of the audience said the City of Saline website had included a document showing potential wastewater treatment plant sites. That document was part of a Tetra Tech proposal to conduct the city’s wastewater treatment plant siting study, and the map showing potential sites was not something the city has asked for at such an early stage.

Township Supervisor Jim Marion said the City of Saline had dropped its objection to the state permit for the Andelina Farms waste water effluent discharge. He said the city and Andelina Farms were engaged in negotiations around annexing the development and establishing a 425 agreement between the developer, Saline Township and the City of Saline. 

The talks between the city and Saline Ventures are about connecting the development to city water and sewer services rather than the development using its own water and sewer.

It was said that Andelina Farms had given the city a deadline of January 2020, to determine whether the city will be able to extend public services to Andelina Farms, and the cost of providing those services. Saline Ventures hoped to begin site improvements in the spring and start construction on the site no later than the fourth quarter 2020.

Township Board Appointments:

The township board appointed Gary Luckhardt to another three-year term to the Saline Township Planning Commission.

Renee Luckhardt and Tim Malinczak were appointed to three-year terms on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

New Roof for Township Hall:

The township board approved $5,800 for the installation of a new metal roof for the township hall.  That work is expected to begin in the spring.

Revised Meeting Schedule for Township Board Meetings:

The township board approved changing their board meetings to the 2nd Wednesday of the month, beginning with the January meeting.  Previously the board had met on the 2nd Monday of the month.


The board adjourned their meeting at 7:40 p.m.  The next meeting will be on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 7 p.m.

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