Township Planners Approve Fender Mender Expansion, Roofman Tower and Classic Car Showroom at Former Harry's

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 08/07/2019 - 23:51

The Saline Township Planning Commission hosted three public hearings at its regular August meeting Tuesday night. The applicants, Fender Mender Collision Center and R & R Properties, were applying for a special use permit while Roofman requested approval of a wireless communications tower, less than 90 feet in height.

Fender Mender Collision was requesting a special use to expand the footprint of its existing building on the site of Michigan Avenue and Dell Road to accommodate an expansion of their business. When the application was opened up for public comment, neighbors in attendance spoke if support of the permit. In a unanimous vote, the special use permit was approved.

Roofman applicants were requesting to construct a communications tower, 63 feet in height on the property to enhance the internet capabilities to support their business. The township’s engineering consultant affirmed that the site plan met all set-back requirements. The applicants, Kurt and Grace Greaves, stated that other businesses and residents in the area could also use the tower to enhance their internet service. In the public comment, there were no objections voiced against the tower. In a unanimous vote, the permit to construct the tower was approved.

The third public hearing was opened to discuss the special use permit requested by R & R Properties, Raffaele Recchia. The plan called for opening a classic/antique car retail shop/museum. The applicant was requesting to park up to 24 classic/antique cars outdoors on the property. The business will occupy the Michigan Avenue building that was Harry’s Furniture.  The applicant clarified exactly where the parking would occur on the site, and the commission members were assured that all set-back requirements were met. Planning Commission member Trudy Feldkamp specified that the applicant ensure that the site have adequate exterior lighting on the property. There were no objections during the public comment portion of the hearing.  The commission voted unanimously to approve the special use request.

The next planning commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 10-01-2019 at 7 p.m.

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