Warning About Wasps at Mill Pond Park Play Structure

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 07/31/2016 - 13:48

The City of Saline Parks Commission is warning residents to use caution around the play structure at Mill Pond Park because of high wasp activity.

According to a post on the Parks Commission’s Facebook page, the DPW has been spraying several times a week for four weeks but the wasps remain very active.

A yellow sticker posted on the play structure rules sign warns residents about the wasp activity.

The sign, however, can only be seen from one entrance to the structure. The Wallen family visited Mill Pond Park Saturday. Amy Wallen’s children entered the structure from a different direction and did not see the sign. Her daughter was stung seven times and her son was stung twice.

Wallen has since learned that several children have been stung by the play structure and wonders why more isn’t being done to prevent more attacks.

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