Health Wise: Mindfulness and Emotional Wellness - Getting attuned to our EQ

 12/04/2017 - 10:00

Ever wondered, why you feel certain emotions? How do some emotions take over others?


~ Much like intellectual intelligence, human beings are capable of cultivating a form of intelligence that primarily comprises of understanding emotions. Popularly known as emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions as well as emotions of others around us.


~ EQ comprises of three fundamental elements: emotional awareness, emotional application, and emotional management (Emotional Intelligence, 2016).


  • Emotional awareness is the understanding and awareness of our emotions in every passing moment.  
  • Emotional application is the ability to adequately apply these emotions in our day-to-day lives.
  • Emotional management is exploring the plethora of emotions that are present in our surroundings. Then, conscientiously managing them to gain control of life by not letting our emotions take over our better selves.


~ Emotionally intelligent individuals tend to have trustworthy relationships. They spend time listening, understanding, and empathizing with the people in their surroundings. This makes them a reliable friend, partner, colleague, parent, etc. The ability to be emotionally aware also becomes an asset under highly stressful situations, making such people resilient human beings.


                                                So, how do we cultivate EQ?


~ Mindfulness, which is a present moment awareness practice, breeds EQ. It supports individuals in getting attuned to their emotions by helping them comprehend, recognize, and finally strengthen the ability to manage their emotional wellness.


~ Home practice: To mindfully cultivate EQ in your life, notice the emotions that come up for you in your moment-to-moment awareness. If negative emotions surface, let them be. Perhaps take a moment or two to bring compassion to these emotions. Emotions that are chaotic in nature are not the best in bringing out our productivity. Get in tune with your emotions by not letting them hijack your mind before you perform any action today! It’s worth a try.

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Mansi Brat
Mansi is a psychotherapist at Still Waters Counseling. She earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lindenwood University, MO. She also earned her doctoral degree in Counselor Education from the University of Toledo, OH with an emphasis in Mindfulness Meditation. Mansi values an integrative and strength-based counseling approach. She believes in holistic wellness that embodies the person as a “whole” – the physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, occupational, social, and environmental aspects of healing. Her philosophy resides on the foundational elements of instilling hope through creative transformation and sound intentionality. Incorporating these in unison, Mansi’s aim is to provide a sound space of comfort, warmth and trust that enables individual’s to find their purpose and meaning in life. Mansi is also a certified yoga instructor. Her journey began back in 2010 when she started exploring holistic forms of healing and wellness. As this exploration developed, she noticed subtle changes in her thoughts and perception of what it means to be well. More so, she developed a deep connection with her innermost self. For her, yoga is creating a space of awareness. It is in this awareness that the mind ceases to control all external worries and anxieties. Through her classes, she aims to teach her students the beauty of being present to the ‘now’. I invite you to experience a journey beyond yourself, uncovering boundless possibilities to rediscover your eternal self. Welcome aboard!