CORONAVIRUS: One Hospitalization, No Deaths in Washtenaw County Report

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 06/29/2020 - 17:23

There were no new COVID-19 deaths in data reported Monday as the Washtenaw County Health Department resumed updating its website. COVID-19 has claimed 104 people in Washtenaw County so far.

The number on hospitalizations inched forward by one to 380.

There were 29 new lab-confirmed cases added since Friday, bringing the total t 1,469. The number of recoveries increased by nine to 1,265.

The number of lab-confirmed cases in Saline's 48176 zip code increased by three to 76.

The graph below, compiled by Washtenaw County Health Department, shows a slight increase in confirmed cases.

covid cases june 29.jpg

The number of weekly deaths, which fell all the way to zero, is up slightly. There have been three deaths in the last two weeks.

The number of weekly hospitalizations, reach reached a low of one for three consecutive weeks, increased to two last week.

While the numbers have ticked upwards since the easing of the lockdowns, they are a far cry from the highs in April, when there were 88 people hospitalized in one week and the number of weekly deaths ranged from 16-22.

Michigan continues to see more confirmed cases. There were 236 new cases in today's report. There were four deaths, taking Michigan's total to 5,915. At the peak in April, there were routinely 140-160 deaths per day.

The CDC reported 885 new deaths today, taking the total to 126,369.

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