Health Wise: Re-Lighting the Motivation Fire during Quarantine

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 05/04/2020 - 11:22

Hello! We hope you’re doing well and enjoying the spring weather.

This pandemic has changed our world and our understanding of “normal”. From face masks to video calling, things we barely considered before have become a regular part of our lives. While we are getting used to some aspects of the new normal, as the stay-at-home order continues, it’s easy to lose motivation and energy.  

We all have one thing in common right now - much of our life is extremely limited. It’s easy to fall into a sense of helplessness and hopelessness if we are not careful. The days are blending together; time gives the illusion of slowing down and it can be hard to see positives on the horizon. 

So, how do we bring positivity and motivation into our lives during such a challenging time? 

Motivation is a “use it or lose it” kind of thing. The more we do and accomplish, the more we want to keep reaching for more. This quarantine has caused many of us to lose it. At first, perhaps we didn’t realize how serious the coronavirus would be. Then, we thought quarantine would only last a couple of weeks. Now, over a month into it, many of us are noticing that we’ve put off a lot of things and lost our “flow” as we were waiting for that moment “when this is all over”. The uncertainty of when things will go back to normal has made it hard to continue being motivated to do “normal” things.

If you find yourself lacking in motivation and hope, you’re definitely not alone! However, if you want to re-light your fire while in Stay Home mode, here are some things to consider: 

  • Instead of waiting until the quarantine is over, and waiting for things to be normal again, practice acceptance of the now. This situation is not forever, but this is what we have at this time, and fighting against it drains us of energy. Acceptance allows us to say “It is what it is. What can I do right now in this moment?” and encourages us not to wait to be happy.
  • Regularly practice gratitude. Daily processing of what we are grateful for helps us see the good in the now. Journal or open the topic up for discussion. What’s going well? Health? Free time for activities? Beautiful spring weather?
  • Balance the activities you do in a given day and week. Old and new. Healthy, productive, fun. Every day, try to do activities in several different categories. Some categories include: art/crafts, physical health, outdoor activities, learning, reading/writing, cleaning/organizing, social connection, mindfulness, work/productivity.
  • Practice mindfulness - take time to appreciate the moment. You can try guided meditations, yoga, art, nature. Anything goes, as long as you allow yourself to be in the moment with yourself and your activity. Try putting away your devices, find some space alone if you can, or engage your family in mindfulness activities together. 
  • You can make a to-do list but be gentle on yourself. Having goals for the day can be helpful. However, try to see these tasks as opportunities rather than a requirement and you’re more likely to do them and enjoy them. 

There’s no arguing that this is a challenging time. Most of us want things to go back to normal – today! However, the reality is we do not know when things will return to normal, or what that normal will look like when it’s here. We do not have control of that, but we do have control of ourselves and what we do with our time. Grant yourself permission to stop postponing your happiness!

Wishing you health and happiness!

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