Mainstream Reiki Finds New Home

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 10/03/2017 - 21:16
Mainstream Reiki's new location in Saline, Michigan

Andrea Kennedy, owner of Mainstream Reiki with 22 years of experience, has relocated her Reiki practice to the Center of Innovation and Education inside Evangelical Homes of Michigan’s facility at 400 West Russell Street, in Saline. She is an approved CEU provider for nurses, psychologists and social workers and her next Reiki I and II class is November 4 and 5. She does not charge extra for the credits.

She says, “It is a perfect fit here, as the space is dedicated to taking a holistic approach to health, happiness and overall wellness. We house an array of services, including classes and events for the community, primary and specialty health care, occupational therapy, residential care, hospice and wellness programs.”

Kennedy offers a quiet, comfortable and professional atmosphere, easy online scheduling for Reiki sessions with expanded hours as well as all levels of Reiki certification classes.

Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) is a Japanese technique that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Life force energy, commonly referred to as chi, ki or prana, flows through pathways in and around the bodies of all living things. Stressors and traumas of everyday life can impede the freedom of this energy to flow properly. Over time and if left untreated, the energy becomes more blocked along these pathways and emotional, mental and physical symptoms may occur. Reiki works to help restore the energy flow to its optimum state which supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms. 

For more information, call 734-664-2255, email [email protected] or visit She also offers gift certificates and her Try Reiki Special where your first visit is only $25.