Lives of Saline's Olden Times Animated in Oakwood Cemetery Enactment Tour

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 10/01/2018 - 14:37
Will Minnette portrayed Levi Haynes during the 2018 Oakwood Cemetery Enactment Tour

Colorful characters from Saline’s past were reanimated Sunday as Rotary Club of Saline presented the 2018 Oakwood Cemetery Enactment Tour.

On a sunny, warm fall afternoon, more than 120 people took the tour – a nearly 50 percent increase over last year’s attendance.

The event was sponsored by Robison-Bahnmiller Funeral Home.

The performers included local actors, like Leo and Barbara Babcock, Rotarians, members of the Saline Area Historical Society, and others. Their stories were composed by Rotarians and local historian Bob Lane. Rotarian Ginger Winter coordinated the event.

“It was a wonderful, sunny day and we enjoyed great attendance,” Winter said. “People love to learn about the people who lived here and shaped this town and are buried in Oakwood Cemetery.”

Below are video snippets and photos from the activity.


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