Lodi Surveys Residents on Support for Road Improvement Special Assessments

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 05/02/2018 - 22:47

Lodi Township is surveying residents to see if they would support a special assessment to improve township roads.

The Township is using a website called SurveyMonkey.com to asking residents what level, if any, assessment they would support.

In the monthly newsletter to township residents, Supervisor Jan Godek wrote that the township continues to struggle with the condition of its roads.

According to the township, it costs $200,000 to improve a mile of gravel road and $400,000 to improve a mile of paved road.

Godek wrote that the township has two options to raise revenue. The township could levy a property tax of up to 3 mills without a vote of the people or up to 5 mills with a vote of the people. Or, the township could create a township-wide special assessment district on a per-parcel basis. The online survey shows assessments of $85 to 140 per parcel, raising between $246,000 and $406,000.

Lodi Township residents can participate in the survey by clicking here.


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