A Menagerie of Sweets in Downtown Saline

 03/09/2018 - 17:17
Sheila Vish holds up a tray of cupcakes at Sweet Leilani's in Downtown Saline.

Sheila Vish, owner of Sweet Leilani’s Desserts in downtown Saline, is approaching her first anniversary in town.

In June, Vish opened her small bakery on North Ann Arbor Street, nextdoor to landlord Bill Stollberg’s barbershop.

After the Christmas season and the Valentine’s Day rush, things are a little quiet at Sweet Leilani’s – at least until the Easter orders start coming in. So in addition to regular work and experimenting with new flavors and recipes, Vish is spending some time marketing.

(You can help out Sweet Leilani’s by voting for her in the Sweetest Bakery in America Contest).

Vish started Sweet Leilani’s in 2013, selling her goods at farmers markets in Saline, Howell, Plymouth and at Greenfield Village. She still participates at the market at Greenfield Village and in downtown Saline.

In the fall of 2015, Sweet Leilani’s moved into a space with UP Pasties in downtown Plymouth. But eventually, she found she needed her own space. Last summer, she opened in downtown Saline.

Vish says Sweet Leilani’s is an “eclectic” bakery. She loves to bake sugary goods. A big fan of farmers markets, she uses fresh and seasonal ingredients.

“I love the chocolate dips and dunks and drizzles,” Vish says, standing behind a counter filled with delightful desserts. “I love to mix it up and do fun stuff.”

Lately, Sweet Leilani’s is focusing on smaller-portions. Smaller pastries. Tinier cupcakes. Teenier cookies. Even her cakes are coming in smaller sizes. Vish knows people are more diet-conscious.

“It’s important nowadays. People still love to enjoy sweet treats, but maybe they’re not having the large pieces they had before,” she says.

Still, there’s no getting around the idea that Sweet Leilani’s trades in temptation.

“We do have quite the menagerie of desserts,” Vish says with a smile.

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