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 03/23/2020 - 23:26

During these trying times the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce realizes the challenges we’re all up against---particularly in food service sector with all of our restaurants now being shut down for indoor dining.  It’s a competitive industry and many of our food service providers are facing the prospect of not being able to financially survive this latest crisis.

So, for this reason The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce and The Saline Post are partnering to ask everyone during these trying times to reflect, take note, and tell us about your favorite area food service provider.  On your nomination send us a one or two-sentence written description of your favorite place.  We’re asking that your nomination also be accompanied with a minimum $50 nominating fee-----the entire amount of which will be forwarded to your nominee!    In exchange, we’ll publish your encouraging remarks so your favorite food service provider knows of your support and you will receive gold seal “Certificate of Appreciation” from the Chamber noting your backing of our business community.  It’s a little something we can all do to help out during this challenging time

Short (one or two sentences) written nominations with checks payable to “The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce” should be sent to:

The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce
“Favorite Restaurant” Nomination
141 East Michigan Ave., Ste B
Saline, Mi. 48176

The Chamber sees our Saline area community as still being strong and vibrant.  Like in the past, we’ve solved all kinds of problems by working together.   We’ll solve this one too!

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