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 08/04/2018 - 13:43

I’m writing as a representative of First Presbyterian Church in Saline, Mi. and in association with Care Village Outreach, a 501(C) (3) nonprofit, which was recently established to assist the 108 Orphans at Care Village in Middleburg, South Africa.  Most of the Orphans have lost both parents to Aids or been removed from their home due to neglect or abuse.


In August 2017,  27 members and friends of the Church traveled to Care Village as a Mission Team.  Many were moved by the experience and the nonprofit was born, see “”. A 2nd trip to help establish a school in early 2018 included many staff from the Saline School District. Another Mission trip left on August 1, 2018.


There are plans to send a second 3,200 cubic foot shipping container on Oct 27, 2018 filled with all manner of school supplies, musical instruments, books, games, electronic, etc. and BICYCLES.


Yes BICYCLES.  Can you image your childhood years without a bike? I can’t, so I’m seeking new bike donations and assistance or ideas for locating used bikes in good condition to ship to the orphanage for children ages 5 to 18. 



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Bill Armstrong

Call 734-429-9191

Or e-mail: [email protected]