ENDORSEMENT: Mayor Marl Endorses Jack Ceo for Saline City Council

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 10/21/2019 - 13:23

As has become my custom, I wanted to share some thoughts regarding the upcoming November election -

You may already be aware that I’ve been fascinated with political campaigns and elections since a very young age - the issues, candidates, strategies, and messaging interest me greatly. 

Perhaps the best campaign slogan I’ve heard was the one used by the late New York Governor Hugh Carey, (who, evidently, made an outstanding chief executive for the Empire State): “Before they tell you what they want to do, make them show you what they’ve done.” 

Indeed, truer words have seldom been spoken –

In this vein, I offer my strongest possible endorsement to incumbent Council Member Jack Ceo – I’ve known Jack and his family for most of my life, since the late 1980s when his children and I attended the same daycare on Whittier Court. Jack had a long and distinguished career in public safety, serving as one of Ann Arbor PD’s Deputy Chiefs. He later served in a similar capacity with Saline Police Department and then in a leadership role for the 800mhz Radio Consortium. 

Jack has been an active and outstanding member of City Council: he served as Chair of the Police Advisory Board Working Committee and is currently spearheading our Medical Marijuana Workgroup. He also serves on the Zoning Board of Appeals, Cemetery Board of Appeals, and Oakwood Cemetery Taskforce. 

Councilman Ceo also served many years on the Saline Area Schools Board of Education, including time as Chair – his tenure there was significant, and occurred at a crucial time during which the district experienced substantial growth and developed several new school buildings.

Jack shares many of my priorities and a shared vision for Saline’s future – one that focuses on strengthening our local economy, thus ensuring our vitality for decades to come – making critical investments in our infrastructure, and engaging our residents, while thoughtfully planning to address their future needs. 

While I am not currently prepared to offer other endorsements, I must say I am greatly impressed by Kevin Camero-Sulak. He recently invited me to coffee to discuss a number of municipal issues, and I appreciated his thoughtful and inquisitive manner; those attributes would undoubtedly benefit city government. 

As I’ve noted in the past, I greatly respect all individuals who step forward, and offer themselves as candidates for elected office – society needs more people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work collaboratively toward solutions that improve our quality of life.

I hope to have more to share in advance of November 5th – please remember, regardless of who you support, make sure you exercise your rights and vote on election day –

Warm regards,

Brian Marl, Mayor, City of Saline

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