Letter: Mayor Marl Writes in Support of State Senator Candidate Jeff Irwin

 07/30/2018 - 15:21

Dear Friends & Neighbors:

As I’ve said in the past, I believe it is incumbent upon those who occupy the Mayor’s Office to be forthright and vocal, particularly when it relates to candidates and issues that have an impact on our community. As such, for those who will be casting ballots in the August 7th primary, I strongly encourage you to join me in support of Jeff Irwin for the 18th District State Senate seat –

I do not venture into this campaign in opposition, or with personal animus towards any other individual who is running; in fact, I respect any person who chooses to put himself/herself forward as a candidate for elected office. Rather, I believe that Jeff Irwin has the experience and personal attributes that will make him an effective and outstanding State Senator.

As many will recall, when I first ran for Mayor in 2012, I worked for Jeff Irwin during his tenure in the Michigan House of Representatives. While Jeff and I don’t agree on every issue, I was then - and continue to be - impressed by his integrity, intellectual curiosity, and passion for making Michigan a more inclusive, welcoming state.  Jeff has the right priorities: supporting public education, protecting our environment and natural resources, and ensuring that all our citizens are protected under the law. Moreover, in an era of term limits, there is no time for on-the-job training, and Jeff’s experience as a legislative staffer, County Commissioner, environmental advocate, and State Representative will allow him to hit the ground running, and deliver for the people he represents. I know that Jeff will be a resource and friend to the City of Saline, and a champion for local governments across our state.

To learn more, please visit his website at www.irwinforsenate.com - Of course, you are also welcome to contact me with any thoughts or questions. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Jeff Irwin as our next State Senator.


Brian D. Marl


City of Saline

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