Gingerbread Houses Raise Money for an Old Schoolhouse

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 12/11/2012 - 13:33


Appearing both beautiful and delicious, the elaborate gingerbread houses showcased at the Saline Moonlight Craft Show had another purpose.

They helped raise money to support the Weber-Blaess Schoolhouse.

In all, the gingerbread house competition raised over $700 for the Weber-Blaess Schoolhouse, according to Brian Puffer, Director of Community Education for Saline Area Schools.

The Weber-Blaess Schoolhouse, a one-room schoolhouse located on Woodland Drive, is used each spring to teach Saline Elementary Schools what elementary school was like for children in old Saline.

The schoolhouse was built on Ellsworth Road in Lodi Township in 1867. In 2002, the schoolhouse was donated to Saline Area Schools by the family of Milton Wiedmayer and moved to its current site in 2002.


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