Gallery: Students Enjoy a Field Day at Pleasant Ridge

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 06/02/2015 - 15:26

The school yard at Pleasant Ridge was animated by laughing, smiling kids, jumping over hurdles, climbing monkeybars, playing soccer, bouncing in inflatables and participating in more than a dozen events at the annual field day, coordinated by physical education teacher Joe Welton.

Businesses, individuals and organizations from around the community and beyond lent their support to the event and make it more enjoyable. Gym America, Saline ATA martial arts, Parks and Recreation and Sky Zone Canton were among the organizations helping. Hornet varsity coaches like Jeff Waltz (varsity girls basketball), Joe Palka (football) and Erica Reilly (field hockey) showed kids a little bit about their sports at stations around the school yard. Saline High School seniors like Trent Theisen, Brett Nearing, Brendan Nearing, Joey Sweigart, Ryan Blake-Jones, Steve Crawford and Aly Dahlmann assisted. 2014 grad Laura Vaccaro helped kids with their softball swings.

The rainy weather cleared up just in time for a great day outdoors.

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