Complaint Authorized Against Man Accused of Touching Co-Worker's Breasts

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 05/12/2017 - 10:02

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office has authorized a complaint against an Ypsilanti man who allegedly touched the breasts of a Saline teenager he worked with at the Saline KFC.

The incident occurred Dec. 1, 2015.

According to the 17-year-old employee, she was walking into the back of the kitchen to fill a mop bucket when the 36-year-old man, who does not speak English, started repeating “pollo” and using both hands to touch the chickens on the girl’s shirt. The chickens on the shirt were located on the girl’s breasts. Pollo is Spanish for chicken.

She told police she tried to cover her breasts and told the man “don’t touch me,” but he persisted, according to the police report.

She pushed him away and complained to her manager, who sent the employees home and contacted human resources. The girl told her mother, who called police.

Police, with the help of an interpreter, later interviewed the man. Through the interpreter, the man told police he was only playing when he poked his finger into her chest, according to the report.

The prosecutor’s office has authorized a misdemeanor complaint of assault and battery.

According to the report, KFC fired the man.

Bikes Stolen

Two Schwinn mountain bikes were stolen from a storage room at Six Trails Apartments. The bikes belonged to a 70-year-old Valley Circle Drive man who had been given permission to store them in the unlocked room.

The man had also placed a lock and cable on the bikes to prevent theft. The bikes were moved by maintenance staff to a stage barn while work was being conducted, When the man visited the barn to check on his inventory, the bikes were missing.

The bikes are described as:

  • A men’s Schwinn 12-speed mountain bike, worth about $150. It is black with a silver frame and a two-tone black and silver leather seat.
  • A women’s Schwinn 12-speed mountain bike, worth about $150. It is light blue with a black leather seat and black cloth seat cover.

Illegal Dumping

No charges are being sought against a 22-year-old Maple Road man caught on surveillance video dumping construction materials at the Saline Car Wash on the 100 block of West Michigan Avenue.

The owner had placed new surveillance video cameras on the site. He told police he did not want to press charges as long as the site is cleaned. Police watched the man and his friend remove trash from a garbage can.

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