Emergency Workers Respond to Drowning Call at Mill Pond Park

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 08/09/2019 - 15:30

Saline Area Fire Department, Saline Police and Huron Valley Ambulance were called to Mill Pond Park on a drowning call Friday afternoon. A source told the Saline Post the subject was alive as the ambulance left the scene.



A 32-year-old woman, a United Kingdom resident who was in the United States on a visa, was visiting the park and became submerged in the water, Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart said. Lifesaving efforts were provided by Saline firefighters and EMTs from Huron Valley Ambulance. According to Huron Valley Ambulance spokesperson Matt Rose, the person was transported to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in critical condition.

Hart could not say what caused the woman to be submerged in the river.

Hart said the woman lived with her husband and child. Her husband called 911. Employees of the Saline Department of Public Works were at the park, heard the screams and called for help, Hart said.

Police were seen interviewing people at the park.

"We're just conducting an investigation to make sure nothing nefarious took place," Hart said.

A witness who was at the park with her dog and child said she saw the victim's group enjoying the summer day in the Saline River, close to where the creek meets the river. A short time later, she heard screams and splashing.

Emergency responders provided care to the victim near the shore of the river on the sliver of land accessible from the park by the Bowley Bridge.

Police sealed off an area of the park to keep people out of the area where the investigation took place.

Mill Pond Park has a sign displaying rules that prohibit swimming and wading about 50 yards south of where the creek meets the river.

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