Fire Department Condemns Apartment Used to Manufacture Legal Narcotic

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 06/14/2018 - 18:29

A Manchester man who was apparently manufacturing a narcotic from jimsonweed in his Saline apartment was evicted after his apartment was condemned by the Saline Area Fire Department Tuesday.

Around 2 p.m., the manager detected a foul, chemical smell coming from an apartment at 705 Valley Circle Drive. According to Saline Police Sgt. Jay Basso, the manager knocked on the door. When the tenant answered, he was covered in soot and the odor was stronger. The manager called police. Officers Mike Snook and Chris Boulter responded. When the tenant opened the door, officers noted the same foul, chemical smell. They called the Saline Area Fire Department to investigate a possible hazmat situation. Apartment dwellers were evacuated during the investigation. The tenant was detained by police while firefighters investigated.

Sgt. Basso said police learned the tenant, a Manchester man who worked at Faurecia in Saline, was manufacturing a narcotic from jimsonweed. Jimsonweed is a potentially toxic plant that some use for a hallucinogenic high. Police worked with LAWNET and determined narcotic is not a controlled substance. The are no charges pending against the Manchester man. 

According to Basso, it appeared the apartment was being used for nothing but manufacturing of the narcotic. The fire department condemned the apartment as a safety precaution, Sgt. Basso said.

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