Intoxicated Man Arrested After Mistakenly Entering Neighbor's Home at 3 a.m.

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 02/28/2017 - 16:48

Police arrested a drunk Saline man after finding him in the hallway outside the bedroom of his neighbor’s daughter on Sheffield Drive, Feb. 20

Saline police were dispatched to the 100 block of Sheffield Drive around 3 a.m. after a woman called police to report a man had entered her home. When police arrived they heard a woman yell “You don’t live here” and a man respond that he did live there and this this was the address on his driver’s license.  One police officer drew his gun and another his Taser and they entered the house. Police found the 25-year-old man outside the bedroom of a young girl who lived there but was not home. The suspect complied with the officer’s order to drop to his knees. Police recovered a partially empty bottle of spiced rum, his wallet, a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and pipe on a dresser in the girl’s room.

During an interview, the man repeatedly told police that he lived at the home and invited police to check the address on his license. Police learned the man lived in the condo complex, but a couple doors down.

The man said he pushed open a locked door to gain entry. He then walked around the condo’s first floor and drank some water. He didn’t realize he was in the wrong apartment because the lights were off and the condo’s layout was similar to his own, according to the report.

As the man sobered, he became apologetic. According to the report he admitted to smoking marijuana and then drinking heavily before going to a concert.

The man’s friend, who’d driven him home from the concert, confirmed his identity. She said they parked in front of his condo and waited for friends to arrive. She went into his place to use the bathroom. When she came out, he was nowhere to be found.

The woman who lives at the apartment told police she has never given the man permission to enter her home.

The man was arraigned on a misdemeanor count of breaking and entering.

Wire Stolen from MMI Construction Site

The owner of Double D Electric called police to report that someone stole 19 spools of wire from a construction site on the 1700 block of Woodland Drive East sometime Feb. 16-17. The value of the stolen goods was pegged at over $4,000.

Theft Attempt Investigated at Tractor Supply

Saline Police were called to Tractor Supply Company, at 111 Sage Court, to investigate an attempted larceny at about 8:30 p.m., Feb. 21.

A man who arrived to pick up his daughter at work told police he saw a white male hunched over between utility trailers. The suspect appeared to be using bolt cutters, he told police. He alerted the store manager, who noticed a cable that locked the trailers together was partially cut. When the manager went into the store to call police, she received a strange phone call during which the caller said nothing.

The utility trailers are worth about $1,6000.

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