Man Backs Car Into Victim After Dog Attack at Mill Pond Park

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 09/21/2017 - 14:52

A 53-year-old Livonia man is accused of backing his car into an Allen Park man at Mill Pond Park after the suspect’s Doberman Pinscher twice attacked the victim’s dog in the dog park.

The incident occurred around 2 p.m. April 15.

According to the victim, he was in the dog park with his medium-sized mixed-breed dog when a 300-pound man entered the fenced-in area with his Doberman Pinscher. The Doberman immediately began showing his teeth and attacked his dog, according to the victim, who also told police he was bitten by the Doberman while pulling the dog off his dog. The suspect said and did nothing during incident, the victim told police. When the Doberman was free, he attacked the victim’s dog again. This time, the suspect called his dog and left the park toward his vehicle.

The victim followed the man to the parking lot and took pictures of his vehicle and license plate. The suspect entered his vehicle and then backed his Ford Mustang into the man, throwing him over the top of the spoiler and trunk. The man then sped out of the park, according to the victim’s complaint.

Several witnesses corroborated the victim’s account.

According to the victim, he continues to receive physical therapy for his back and wrist as a result of the incident.

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office authorized a misdemeanor aggravated assault complaint.

Computer, Gear Stolen

A 23-year-old Belleville man called police after someone stole a computer bag full of electronics from her vehicle, which was parked near Emagine Theatre, Sept. 13. The man parked his vehicle at 8 p.m. When he returned to the vehicle he discovered his computer bag was missing.

The bag contained a Dell laptop computer, an iPhone charging chord, earbuds, a flash drive, an external hard drive and more gear. The items were taken from a 2011 BMW station wagon.

The victim told police he was unsure if the vehicle was locked. There was no damage to his vehicle. It’s one of several thefts from vehicles.

Man Pours Dish Soap in Daughter's Mouth

A Clark Street man may face charges for allegedly squeezing dish soap into his daughter’s mouth on Sept. 6.

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office has authorized a misdemeanor assault and battery charge against the 42-year-old man. According to the 14-year-old girl, she woke up late for school and her father was upset. They began arguing and she told her father to leave her alone, using an obscenity. She went into the bathroom to prepare for school when her father came in, grabbed her by the back of the neck and squeezed dish soap into her mouth. The soap also ran into her eyes and hair.

According to the report, the girl vomited.

Interviewed by phone, the suspect told police the incident never happened.

Police saw dish soap on her shirt and observed her eyes were bloodshot.

The incident was reported to protective services.

Jaguar Stolen from Gas Station

Two felony complaints have been authorized against a 23-year-old Marshall, Mich. Man accused of stealing a Jaguar that was left running outside of the gas station at 777 W. Michigan Ave., Aug. 19.

A 49-year-old Munith man entered the gas station and left his vehicle running around 8:30 p.m. Police arrived on the scene to take the complaint and found a Mercury Sable parked in a handicapped space. A gas station employee told police he did not know who the vehicle belonged to. Records indicated it was stolen out of Calhoun County. Video showed a young while male pull into the parking lot. The manager of the gas station said he pumped 98 cents of gasoline. He then pulled into the handicapped space, got out of his vehicle, got into the Jaguar and drove away.

Police later interviewed the suspect’s family, who reported their vehicle stolen out of Calhoun County. They told police the suspect had a meth problem, was schizophrenic and suicidal.

On Aug. 20, police in Perrysburg stopped the driver and arrested the driver.

Police called the young man’s parents to tell them their son was safe and in custody.

He’ll face charges for unlawfully driving away of a motor vehicle and receiving and concealing a stolen motor vehicle.

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