Man Runs Away After Crashing in to Truck Parked in Driveway, Leaves Marijuana Behind

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 01/02/2019 - 16:37

A 25-year-old Wayne man who crashed his vehicle into a truck parked in a yard, fled on foot and left behind marijuana was arrested by Saline Police.

The incident occurred shortly before 1:30 a.m., Dec. 24. A 46-year-old resident of Saline-Milan Road called police after he was wakened by a crash about 15 feet from the room in which he was sleeping. A silver Chrysler 300 sedan crashed into a truck parked in the driveway. Then it bounced into a neighbor’s yard and struck a boulder with such force the boulder, in place precisely to protect the house from being struck by vehicles, was knocked out of position.

The resident rushed outside and saw the driver stepping out of his vehicle and complaining of stomach pain. When the resident went inside to call police he saw the man running from the scene. Police arrived and found a driver’s license at the scene. The resident confirmed the man photographed on the ID was the suspect. A neighbor told police he saw the suspect running down South Ann Arbor Street.

Moments later a Canterbury Drive resident called police to report a suspicious male walking back and forth on the street. Police arrived and arrested the man.

Inside the crashed sedan, police found a container filled with bags of marijuana.

Police found $342 in a roll of cash in the man’s pocket. The man denied any knowledge of the marijuana. He could not provide police with a reason for his presence in Saline.

The suspect told police he had not been drinking before the crash. He said he was looking down at his radio and did not see the truck until too late. He was transported by Huron Valley Ambulance to St. Joseph’s emergency room for treatment. He was then transported to Washtenaw County jail and then released.

Police are seeking charges for selling marijuana, hit and run, obstructing a criminal investigation and having open liquor bottles in a vehicle.


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