Marl Warns Cemetery Theives: If Caught, You Will Be Punished

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 07/07/2017 - 14:24

Saline Police officers, already doing more park checks to stymie delinquent behavior, are now increasing presence in Oakwood Cemetery to combat theft of flower pots and other items left at grave sites.

At Monday’s City Council meeting, Brian Marl warned thieves to stop this “appalling behavior.”

“I’m appalled to learn from several residents that flower arrangements and pots have been stolen from grave sites in Oakwood Cemetery. It’s about the lowest thing anyone can do,” Marl said. “If caught, you will be punished. It’s incredibly disrespectful. Saline Police are going to increase visibility in Oakwood Cemetery and for good reason.”

It’s difficult to say how frequently thefts are occurring.

Saline City Councillor Dean Girbach taken to Facebook twice to report thefts.

“I just learned the planter on my mother’s grave was stolen, along with a decoration on one of my uncle’s grave in another section,” Girbach said. “That’s four (thefts) in little over a month.”

Saline Police Chief Larry Hrinik said the department has heard various reports of theft in the cemetery, although there only appear to be two actual crime reports in the last two months, he said. It doesn’t appear as if there are more reports than usual.

“The city experiences a couple of thefts from the cemetery each year,” Hrinik said.

Still, Hrinik said the SPD’s road patrol will increase the number of times they patrol the cemetery.

Anyone who spots suspicious behavior should contact the Saline Police Department at 734-429-7911.

“If you see something, call, that is why we are here.  So often people will see something suspicious and not call,” Hrinik said.

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