Message From Fire Chief: About Our Firefighters

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 03/27/2017 - 15:39

Before I get to the crux of this message, I have just a couple points I would like to make clear with everyone.  Once you take on the job as firefighter, you have given up the right to whine about what we do, what you see, what you may not want to see, the up-all-night, the physicality, it’s all part of the deal.  The second point is on me, I am not one to give out individual awards, there are many I could have done, and we have great firefighters.  But I believe firefighters are a team, without teamwork, it doesn’t get done. Whether it’s a medical emergency, a car crash or a fire, it’s what we do.

However lately, as in the last few years I have seen the community grow, the department grow and the calls for service increase. With that I have watched our firefighters continue day-in and day-out to get it right. No matter how busy the day or night has been, that next call receives and deserves all the best we have to offer, and our firefighters deliver. 

So this is as mushy as I get, and as close as I get to giving out an award. So I ask you that it would be great if you happen to bump into one of our firefighters, or any firefighter, please give them a “that a boy.”

It’s well deserved!



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Craig Hoeft
Craig Hoeft is the Chief of the Saline Area Fire Department.

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