No Charges After Altercation at Pittsfield Township Burger King

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 07/18/2019 - 15:10

No charges will result from an altercation in the Burger King drive-thru line at Platt and Michigan Avenue in Pittsfield Township Wednesday evening.

According to Pittsfield Township Police Lt. Sean McCormick, the altercation at the restaurant stemmed an incident which happened earlier in the evening at the Rosewood Village apartment/condominium community on Platt Road in Pittsfield Township. McCormick said the suspect accused the victims of watching his family members in the pool. The victims left the apartments and drove to Burger King. The suspect followed.

While the victim was in the drive-thru, the suspect and two subjects approached the victim’s vehicle and began arguing about watching his family by the pool. One of the men attempted to punch the driver through an open window but only grazed his nose. Another suspect pulled the handle of the passenger side door while trying to open it.

The victim left the Burger King, turned right on Michigan and pulled into the Pittsfield Police Department.

McCormick said the victim did not wish to prosecute so the case is closed.

A witness to the incident contacted The Saline Post, saying she and her daughter heard gunshots and saw a man holding what they thought was a gun while they waiting in their vehicle in the drive-thru line. She said they drove off and pulled into the nearby police station where they called 911.

McCormick said metro dispatch took the call of someone who heard six gunshots and saw a subject with a gun. But, he said, Pittsfield police spoke with the victim and suspect and neither mentioned gunshots. Also, Burger King employees did not report any shots being fired.

A Pittsfield officer responded to Burger King and was not able to locate shell casings on the ground. The officer did locate a black door handle laying in the drive-thru, which could have been mistaken for a gun in the suspect’s hand, McCormick said.

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