Party Store Clerk Prevents Allegedly Drunk Driver From Getting Back on the Road

 08/21/2017 - 16:07

A clerk at Village Party Store helped prevent an allegedly drunk woman from getting behind the wheel in Saline. On July 21, a 29-year-old Chesterfield woman, on her way back from the Faster Horses concert, went into the party store on West Michigan Avenue and complained that someone was following her and trying to kill her.

The 22-year-old Saline man who works at the store went outside to investigate and found a 42-year-old Bloomfield Hills man who admitted to following the woman. The man and his wife noticed the woman driving errantly in her Chevy Equinox on Michigan Avenue, so they called police and followed her, according to the police report. They told the clerk were waiting for Saline Police to arrive.

The store employee went into the Equinox and took the keys. He held them until police arrived.

Police arrested the woman for driving with a suspended license/repeat offender.

Embezzlement Allegation

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing an embezzling allegation against a 36-year-old Saline Township woman who worked at Victory Lane in Saline.

A district manager for the company told Saline Police the employee failed to deposit cash after shifts July 3 and July 7. In total $119.45 was missing.

Police were unable to reach the woman by phone. According to the manager, the ex-employee called her back and asked how to resolve the issue but then later denied taking the money. The manager later told police the woman was making plans to pay the company by the end of the week, but told police the company still wants to press charges.

Bikes Stolen at Emagine

Three bicycles were stolen while three teenagers watched a movie at Emagine Theatre Aug. 19.

The three males went to the theater around 6:30 p.m. and did not lock their bikes. When they came out of the theater at 9:30 p.m., the bikes were gone.

The bikes were described as:

  • A 2017 women’s white Nishiki worth $500.
  • A 2015 women’s maroon Schwinn worth $150.
  • A 2007 women’s black Diamondback mountain bike worth $250.

Rims Stolen from Car

Someone stole three tires and three rims from a Ford Escort parked at a Wildwood Trail home overnight Aug. 17.

According to the police report, the homeowner’s son came home around 10 p.m., Aug. 16. At 7 a.m. the next day, the 51-year-old man went outside to go to work and he noticed his vehicle up on blocks with the tires and wheels missing. Three Continental brand tires, worth $350 each, were stolen. Three Ford rims, with $450 each, were stolen.

Neither the homeowner or the neighbors saw anything unusual in the area.

Damage, Theft on Depot Trail

A 67-year-old Saline Township called police to report that someone had damaged a flower box and stolen a garden statue from the walking trail near the Railroad Depot Museum.

The woman, a member of the Stone and Thistle Gardem Club, reported a plastic flower box was damaged. A pink statue dedicated to breast cancer, worth $100, was stolen.


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