Police Investigate Mystery Dog Poop Gifter

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 03/09/2017 - 14:32

Who’s leaving bags of dog poop at people’s front doors?

On Feb. 27, a Saline Police Department officer was entering the station at the east entrance when he saw a yellow plastic baggie containing dog feces on the sidewalk leading to the doors.

The next day, the owner of Harry’s Auto, at Michigan and Davenport, complained someone left a yellow plastic bag of dog feces on the step to the door of his shop.

Police reviewed surveillance video showing a vehicle pulling into the parking lot. The video showed an arm reaching out of the driver’s side window and tossing a baggie.

The vehicle description matched that of an owner of a local business who met with police three weeks ago to complain about a dog defecating on his lawn. The dog is owned by the owner of Harry’s Auto. It’s not the first time the business owner has complained about dog feces on his property, according to the report.

In an interview with police, the business owner claimed he knew nothing about the dog poop incidents. The investigation is closed due to a lack of leads.

Rock Thrown Threw Window

A 48-year-old resident of the 800 block of Austin Road called Saline Police after someone threw a rock through one of his bedroom windows.

The man was at a doctor’s appointment when his 14-year-old son called him to say someone threw a rock through the window. Police interviewed several children who were at the home.

One child saw a person in a dark colored hoodie and white pants standing in the yard. Two minutes later, he heard the crash. Two other children in the home described seeing someone in a dark hoodie.

Police interviewed one potential suspect who did not fit the bill. The case is inactive due to a lack of leads.

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