POLICE REPORTS: Victims Say Former Roommate Smashed Taillights

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 01/07/2019 - 16:37

A man and woman who share an apartment on Valley Circle Court told Saline Police an 18-year-old man smashed one of their vehicle’s taillights after he was kicked out of their apartment for failing to contribute to the bills and housework. As he left, the evicted roommate kicked open a door and broke it, they alleged. On Jan. 3, a resident of the apartment was getting ready for bed when he heard a loud noise from the parking area. He said he opened his bedroom window and saw a family vehicle belonging to the accused’s family. He claimed to police he clearly saw his former roommate and yelled to him, and then saw him swinging an unknown object at his roommate’s car, causing the sound of shattered glass.

The van sped away and he called police.

Damage was estimated at least $500.

Domestic Violence Charge

Saline police arrested a 26-year-old Ypsilanti man accused of assaulting his girlfriend in the parking lot at Jac Products on South Industrial Drive.

A Saline Police Department dispatcher took a call around 10:40 p.m., Jan. 3, and heard a female screaming. He tracked the location of the female and dispatched police to Jac Products.

According the victim, a 26-year-old nurse from Ypsilanti, the man was using her vehicle to drive himself to work at Jac Products. He lit up a marijuana cigarette and they began arguing about him smoking in her vehicle. She alleged he became vocally abusive during the argument They stopped in Ypsilanti to pick up a Jac Products co-worker. They stopped at a gas station and began to fight over the key – breaking the key in half and leaving part of it ignition. He allegedly began driving very fast toward Saline. When they got to Jac Products, and the co-worker got out, the suspect allegedly said he was going to take her to the city and “get her off,” which she took to mean that she was going to kill her in Detroit. When the co-worker left, the suspect grabbed the woman by the throat and pushed her head against the passenger window, held her there and threatened to kill her, she alleged.

She said she called police while he was revving the engine and threatening to blow up the car.

When police arrived the man ran into Jac Products. Police spoke with a supervisor who brought them the suspect. The suspect stated they argued about whether or not he was going to work that day and that there was a scuffle over a car key.

Police arrested him. He later told police he did not grab, push or strike her.

A previous incident between the pair resulted in her calling police in 2017.

He was arrested for domestic violence in 2017. The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office authorized a complaint for domestic violence – second offense.

Domestic Assault Arrest

A 26-year-old Saline man was arrested Jan. 3 for allegedly assaulting his 26-year-old wife on Jan. 2.

According to the police report, the woman told police her husband was drinking all day and he became irate and belligerent toward her, referencing past times he’d been arrested and threatening to put “a bullet in her head.”

Later that evening he struck her in the temple, causing her other temple to hit the wall. He then punched her in the mouth with a closed fist. She went to her father’s house

It was the third time police have been called for domestic abuse allegations against the man.

When Saline Police officers arrived with the woman at their home to retrieve personal property, Jan. 3, the man fled into a bedroom, where was arrested for domestic violence and “pled the fifth.”

The prosecuting attorney’s office has authorized a complaint for domestic violence – second offense.


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