Police Search For And Find Distressed Young Man

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 04/05/2019 - 10:32

There was a large police presence on the north side of Saline this morning as Saline Police assisted Pittsfield Police in finding a distressed young man they believed was carrying knife.

According to Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart, the young man was involved in an argument with family. He took a knife and fled his home.

The young man was located near the intersection of Ann Arbor Saline and Textile Roads and he was taken to an area hospital for evaluation, Hart said.

Saline area residents noticed the police activity shortly before 8 a.m., when many parents were taking children to school.

Chief Hart said police were in contact with school district administration throughout the incident.

“We never had any information he was headed toward a school or felt any angst toward anyone in  the schools, but we were prepared to hit the lockdown button if there was any need for it,” Hart said.

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