Police Take Down and Arrest Belligerent Saline Man

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 07/22/2019 - 13:28

A 51-year-old McKay Street man who became belligerent with police was arrested June 22.

Earlier that day, an officer had left a card at his home with questions about an altercation with a neighbor. He called the officer at the police station and began using foul language, so the officer ended the call. He called the police department again and told the dispatcher he was walking to  the station to meet the officer.

Shortly before midnight, June 21, the officer was dispatched to a call on Clark Street. As he left the parking lot, he saw the man walking. The officer told the man he had been dispatched to another call, and that he could go to the station and wait for him. But the man refused, and demanded immediate attention. The officer called for backup. He also told the man that he’d had too much to drink and that they could talk the next day.

Still, the man persisted. The officer suggested he call his wife and have her take him home. He refused and continued to yell. At one point, he began waiving his hands around and brushed the officer’s chest. The officer warned him he’d be arrested if he made contact again. The man began screaming and swearing.

Police asked him to stop swearing. He continued swearing, calling the officers “low-life bitches,” and challenging the officers to “lay it on” him. He stepped toward one of the officers and raised his right arm. Officers grabbed his arms, took him to the ground and handcuffed him.

He was arrested and held in the Saline Police Department’s cell. The prosecutor’s office authorized a complaint for resisting police and public intoxication.

Woman Reports Credit Card Fraud

A 64-year-old woman visited the Saline Police Department to report credit card fraud. She told police she’d last used her card July 17 at a vending machine at Washtenaw Community College and one of the dollar stores in Saline, July 18. The fraud occurred July 18-19- and 20, with one attempt being successful at a California Uber Eats location July 19.

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