Saline Man Cited for Hunting in the City

 12/21/2016 - 16:43

A Saline man was cited for hunting within the city limits.

Police received an anonymous tip that someone was hunting in the woods behind Six Trails Apartments on the city’s west side. The complainer said they saw a man walking into the woods carrying a bow and arrow.

The Saline Police officer arrived and met with the complainer, who pointed the officer to tracks in the snow. The officer followed the tracks across a creek, over hills, through the woods and to the edge of a Curtiss Park field backing up to the Huntington Woods subdivision. It was there the officer found a ladder to two tree stands.

Unable to determine who the stand belonged to, the officer cut the ladder off the stand. He planned to return with the DPW to remove the stands. When he did return he found a trail camera used to capture photos of game in the area. He also found boot tracks that led to an apartment at Six Trails. He spoke with the resident, who didn’t want to get her friend in trouble. The officer told her to have her friend call police.

A 23-year-old Saline man arrived at the Saline Police Department to answer questions. He told police he was using the tree stands for nature photography. The officer had seen evidence of hunting at the tree stands and continued to press. He asked if he could go to the man’s home and see his photo equipment and pictures. The man told police he took the pictures with his phone.

The officer gave him one more chance to confess and the suspect did.

Police confiscated the man’s hunting license and cited him for hunting in the city limits.

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