Saline Police Called for Growling Dog, Disorderly Man

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 03/12/2019 - 15:09


Saline Police were called to Evangelical Homes March 6 for a disorderly person and his growling dog. A 62-year-old Ypsilanti man and his black pitbull were in the lobby. A 33-year-old employee at the health center noticed the dog growling at staff and patients and asked him to remove the dog because it as a safety risk. According to the employee, the man said the dog was just being protective. When asked again to remove the dog, the man became upset and belligerent, using foul language and racial epithets. Staff called police, who were unable to locate the suspect. The case remains open.

Man Who Got Angry After Failing Employment Test Trespassed from Saline Business

A Willis man was trespassed from a local temp agency after failing an employment test and becoming aggressive with agency staff. On Feb. 11. A 23-year-old man showed up a Caliper, an employment agency on Michigan Avenue that supplies workers to Faurecia, across the road. The man failed the written portion of the test and became upset and verbally aggressive to two employees of the agency. After being asked to leave, he remained aggressive with the women. They called police. Pittsfield Police stopped the man at Michigan and US-23, having to “box-in” the man’s vehicle when it appeared he might flee during the traffic stop. No charges will be pressed.

Teen Faces 2-Count Assault Charge After Incident

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office has authorized a two-count assault complaint against a 17-year-old Saline boy who shoved his mother and threatened his father. The incident occurred in the Wildwood Subdivision March 6. Saline police took the teen into custody where he was assessed by staff from Huron Valley Ambulance. The was transported the University of Michigan for evaluation in the psychiatric emergency room. The school district was advised of the situation

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