Saline Police Department Offers Meet Up Spot for Online Transactions

 07/27/2017 - 00:18

Making a trade or buying something off Craigslist, Ebay or Facebook?

The Saline Police Department is inviting residents to safely make those transactions in front of the main entrance, located at 100 N. Harris St.

Police Chief Larry Hrinik said people making changes should feel a little safer doing so at the SPD.

“It’s a good central place for a safe meeting spot to make the exchange. You can just say meet me at City Hall and go from there,” Hrinik said.

Besides being 20 feet from the doors of the SPD, the area has 24-7 video surveillance.

The idea is nothing new. Washtenaw County Sheriff also has exchange spots. And Saline residents have always been allowed to conduct exchanges outside City Hall.

“We’ve always allowed it, but now we have a sign that invites people to meet at the SPD,” Hrinik said.

While the cameras viewing the exchange spot aren’t always monitored, Hrinik says they still provide assistance.

“They’re HD and record with excellent detail,” Hrinik said, noting that police would have a leg up trying to catch someone who steals from anyone at an exchange spot.

“We’d have great video evidence, know what they look like. And the person could just run into the station and report the crime within seconds,” Hrinik said.

Around southeast Michigan, there had been a rash of robberies involving people making online transactions. Thieves can get away with expensive items or large sums of cash.

“Hopefully exchange spots like ours can prevent those incidents,” Hrinik said.

Tran Longmoore
Tran Longmoore is owner of The Saline Post. Email him at or call him at 734-272-6294

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