SALINE POLICE: Woman Accused of Beating Man With Baseball Bat, Golf Club

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 09/24/2018 - 17:01

The Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney’s office authorized three complaints against a 46-year-old Saline woman accused of assaulting her boyfriend and burning his belongings.

The couple had gone out to dinner Aug. 31 and begun fighting. The 36-year-old boyfriend decided to walk home separately. When he arrived at the Mills Road home, the woman was standing in the driveway with a baseball bat. He told police he simply wanted to get his stuff and that the woman began swearing at him, using racial epithets and telling him his belongings were being burned in the back yard. He said that when he asked her why she would burn his things, she struck him with the bat several times, breaking the bat in the process. She went in the house and, he said, he used a rock to smash a glass door and enter the house to get his tuff. When he went in the house, she struck him several times with a golf club until it broke.

The prosecutor’s office authorized two felony complaints for assault with a dangerous weapon and one misdemeanor complaint for arson of personal property.

Half Naked Woman Found Walking Sidewalks at Six Trails

A 30-year-old Ann Arbor woman was transported to the University of Michigan Hospital emergency room for evaluation after police find her walking down a street wearing nothing but a shirt. Police were dispatched the 800 block of Valley Circle Drive around 8 a.m., Sept. 15. Police located the woman in the area. She was stumbling, was at first non-responsive to questions from police, and appeared highly intoxicated, according to police.

Police ascertained she was at Six Trails Apartments to visit a male friend, but the woman would not reveal anything about him. Police asked the woman if she had been sexually assaulted. She told police she had not been assaulted and not had sex with anyone.

The woman could not explain why she had her pants off and was walking the sidewalks.

Police recovered sweatpants she had been wearing earlier in the day and gave them to the woman.

A breath test showed a blood alcohol content of .128 (the legal limit for driving is .08). The woman told police she did not have medical or mental health issues. Huron Valley Ambulance transported the woman to hospital for evaluation.

Ypsilanti Man Arrested After Running From Police

A 24-year-old man who police were seeking for trespassing at Faurecia may be in more trouble for running from police. On Sept. 14, Faurecia security called police asking for help with a man who was refusing to leave the plant and resisting security.

Supervisors believed the suspect came to work drunk. He was sent the to the plant’s medical facility for evaluation. They deemed him fit for duty and sent him back to the job – and he never showed up. Security added him to the termination list. Later, the suspect showed up to his job and allegedly threatened a supervisor. He refused to leave and was allegedly acting erratically. He was escorted to the parking lot but then was spotted hopping the fence around 8:30 p.m. He reportedly wanted to collect some personal belongings. Security warned him to leave or police would be called. He refused to leave.

Police spotted the subject near the exit gates and began following on foot. He began walking faster and then started jogging. When police ordered him to stop, he turned up the speed to a full run. Other officers from the Saline Department joined in the search. Pittsfield Township also sent units to assist. He was apprehended at the site of the hotel construction.

He was arrested for trespassing and resisting police.

Money Stolen from Woman’s Purse

A 78-year-old Ann Arbor resident told police that someone that someone took $579 from her purse while she was visiting her husband at Evangelical Homes Sept. 6. The woman was visiting her husband at the Redies Rehabilitation Center when she left her purse in a bathroom. When she recovered her purse, it was missing $79 in cash and an envelope containing $500.

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