Saline Woman Allegedly Faked Story About Dog Theft To Keep It For Herself

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 02/24/2020 - 17:02


A 34-year-old Saline woman is scheduled for arraignment March 17 after being arrested for allegedly stealing a dog.

A Washington Township woman contacted Saline Police seeking advice about how to find her dog, which she believed was stolen by the Saline woman. She said she lent a four-pound Yorkie named Leo to the Saline woman for the purposes of breeding, with an arrangement to split to the proceeds. The Saline woman told her the dog was then stolen from her car as she visited the home of her mother in Saline Township.

The Washington Township woman did not believe the Saline woman’s story and began watching the residences for signs of her dog. She was trespassed from the property by Michigan State Police, she told Saline Police. With consent, Saline Police searched the the properties in the city and township but were unable to find the dog.

The woman told police a neighbor reported seeing the dog the day after it was allegedly stolen. Police then heard from another resident who said her children saw the dog at the Saline woman’s home after it was allegedly stolen from her vehicle.

Police called the woman to the station for an interview to review her story, which changed several times, according to the police report.

She told police the day after the dog was stolen, it just appeared at her front door. Then, she told police, a man in a ski mask showed up at her door and demanded the dog, so she gave it away and did not call police. After about an hour, according to the police report, she told police she was lying about the whole thing and that her husband had taken the dog to her father’s house on Willis Road. Police went to the home and retrieved the dog. She was arrested and released.

She will be arraigned on misdemeanor charges of larceny ($200-$1,000) and giving a false report of a misdemeanor.

Milan Man to Face Charge for Driving Super Drunk

A 64-year-old Milan man is scheduled to be arraigned April 7 for allegedly driving while “super drunk” in Saline on Jan. 7. The man was driving a 2018 Chevy Silverado when the Washtenaw County issued a “be-on-the-lookout” for an intoxicated driver near Maple Road and Clark Street.

A Saline police officer spotted the vehicle and watched the driver make a left turn in front of oncoming traffic on to Michigan Avenue. Police followed the driver, who was unable to follow his lane, and stopped the driver moments later. Police had to support the driver so he did not fall during the field sobriety tests, according to the police report. A preliminary breath test showed a blood alcohol content of .249 - more than three times the legal limit. The driver was arrested and transported to the Washtenaw County Jail where a chemical test showed a blood alcohol content of .31. His truck was impounded.

Child Pornography Found in Yard

A resident on the 400 block of Hartman Lane called police to report she’d found printed child pornography in her front yard on Feb. 15. Police searched the area on a windy day but did not find more. The material was sealed in an evidence bag and stored at the police department.

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