Two Transported to Hospital After Crash on Michigan Avenue

 01/13/2018 - 18:07

Two people were transported to hospital with injuries that were not considered life-threatening after a near head-on crash on Michigan Avenue in the City of Saline. Firefighters were dispatched to the scene at 5:05 p.m., Saturday.

The crash occurred just west of Keveling Drive, in front of the Taco Bell/KFC restaurant.

A red Ford Ranger was eastbound on Michigan Avenue when a blue Chevrolet Equinox, westbound on Michigan Avenue, turned left in front of the Ranger and the vehicles collided.

Firefighter Brandon Sears, of the Saline Area Fire Department, said the drivers of each vehicle were going to be transported to a local hospital for treatment and evaluation, though Sears said the injuries were not severe.

A Saline Police Department sergeant at the scene referred questions to the police chief.

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Dell Deaton's picture

Second accident in two days within, what? a hundred feet of the same location?

In the future, would it be possible to provide photographs with a little more context? Wider view, maybe taken from across the street.

Being intimately familiar with this bit of East Michigan Avenue, I could guess what was likely motivating a left turn here. But having navigated a good many left turns here myself (in all sorts of weather), I'm hard pressed to put a handle on these stories.

Hence my suggestion for a different approach to photography. I'd appreciate them for potential reference as a driver in that area as well reader of The Saline Post.


Tran Longmoore's picture

Info was scarce at the time as it seems as if SPD sergeants no longer have freedom to talk to reporters.

As for the photo request - I was a little limited by my choice in lens. Left the house with a 70-200 in case I couldn't get close.     

I never feel like it's dangerous going west and turning left into those businesses. But there's something very awkward about going east and turning left into the Busch's parking lot