Saline Schools, Teachers Agree to Temporary Contract Changes

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 04/30/2020 - 01:26

The Saline Post has obtained a copy of a letter of agreement between Saline Area Schools and the Saline Education Association, which represents Saline's certified staff. The agreement, signed April 24, defines amendments in the collective bargaining agreement in order to provide the "continuity of learning plan" required by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's order, which suspended in-person school and required online learning.

Among other things the agreement:

  • Allows teachers into buildings for remote work.
  • Provides a nominal amount for applications and site licenses required for remote instruction.
  • Reinforces that all assignments are to be recorded as completed or not completed.
  • Calls for teachers to be flexible in their hours to help students.
  • Requires the district to provide technology (hardware or software) necessary to deliver instruction.
  • Defines stipends - including concessions for spring sports coaches.

Carl Spina, representative for the SEA, and Superintendent Scot Graden signed the letter.

"We all realize the world has changed. We wanted to do our part to step up, and do our part to help the district and community," Spina said.

Superintendent Graden said the district worked collaboratively on the agreement.

"It's critical that we're working together to manage a challenging situation," Graden said.

At Tuesday's Board of Education meeting, Graden offered more praise for the way staff has delivered the continuing of learning program.


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