3 Saline Destination Imagination Teams Advance to Globals Finals in Knoxville

 04/25/2018 - 12:24
Zach Rein, Connor Wright, Ryan Schwartz, Claudia Curcione, and Cameron Wright.

On Saturday, April 14, 2018, 14 Saline Destination Imagination (Saline DI) teams competed at the State Destination Imagination Tournament on the campus of Michigan State University.  All of the competing teams earned the right to compete at the State Tournament by placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the Region 2 Destination Imagination tournament in February at Saline Middle School.

Of the 14 teams competing at the State level, 3 placed either 1st, 2nd or 3rd and earned the opportunity to compete at the Destination Imagination Global Finals Tournament May 23 - 26, 2018, at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.

In addition, Saline High School Senior, Alexander Mah, was one of 3 high school seniors statewide who won scholarships from the Michigan Creativity Association. Alex Mah’s  $1,000 scholarship was awarded based on his extensive participation in DI throughout his school years and its positive impact on his schooling and other extracurricular activities.  Out of the seven years, Alex has gone to Globals five times.  In addition to DI, he has also been involved with National Honor Society, First Robotics, Varsity Tennis, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Solo & Ensemble, Pit Band, Track & Field, and Ultimate Frisbee.  Alex will attend the University of Michigan in the fall to study Computer Engineering.

Pictured above:  Alex Mah

The three Saline DI teams advancing to Global Finals are:

The Duct Apez, who finished first in the Fine Arts Category. Pictured below from L to R: Derek Liemohn, Tyler Kudlak, Jaron Stacey, and Alex Mah



This all-senior Fine Arts team approached their Challenge with their usual wit and energy. They created a humorous musical featuring a team-built tubulum and bucket drumming about a group of singing pirates. Their solution took first in the High School Fine Arts section, earning them a ticket to the Destination Imagination Global Finals.

The Happy Trees, who finished second in the Technical Category. Pictured below L to R: Noah Walters, Kelsie Housholder, Jason Coleman, Nishan Bhattacharyya, and Roslyn Staples. (Jared Webb not pictured.)


The Happy Trees SL Technical team featured a solution about a team of scientists traverse a dangerous maze to save the world from a series of earthquakes set off by a dueling drum battle between two gods. The intrepid travelers navigate the maze with the help of SIGSAR, a remote controlled rolling robot, locate the Book of Knowledge only to have destroyed by a frothy chemical-reaction trap set by the gods. Undeterred, the scientists continue in the maze to find the Orb of Rhythm. The gods, having got wind of the scientists' plan, step in to launch the orb out of the maze with a specular trebuchet, denying the scientists their last hope of stopping the earthquakes. Not to fear, once the gods learn their drum battle is causing havoc for the human race, they join with the scientists to escape the maze and save humanity.


Pictured L to R: Zach Rein, Connor Wright, Ryan Schwartz, Claudia Curcione, and Cameron Wright.

The Zurfendurphs finished third in the Scientific Challenge.  This team’s solution to this challenge explored the complicated maze inside a teenager’s mind after the death of her father. With a supportive sibling to help her through, she manages to process the grief and find her way through life. This team’s well mixed soundtrack offered music and sound effects to help portray the various emotions throughout the storyline. They used a team-designed Rube Goldberg machine to alter the path of their maze. This series of scientific chain reactions turned the maze to show her a path to ultimately accepting the loss of her father.

 This team of five high school sophomores took a risk tackling grief in a dramatic storyline. A retired Destination Imagination Appraiser (now spectator) complimented them after their performance on a job well done, adding that he has only seen one other team in his 18 years of appraising that pulled off a dramatic performance the way they just did. Congratulations Zurfendurphs!
Destination Imagination is an international non-profit organization for students in kindergarten through college. Through collaborative team-based problem solving, it teaches 21st century skills and expands imaginations with emphases in creativity, teamwork, and problem solving.  For more information about Saline DI, go to www.salinedi.org, or email the Saline DI President, Ginger Liemohn, at ginger@salinedi.org. For more information about Destination Imagination in general, visit www.destinationimagination.org.


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