Former Saline Classmates Rekindle Friendships at Alumni Banquet

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 07/04/2016 - 14:38
aline High School class of 1966. In front are Heidi Wild, Nancy Marion, Rosalie DeMaggio, Susan Dechert, Vivian Bird, Mary Beach, Dana Christner, JoAnn Nortley, Mary Robison, Bruce Finkbeiner, John Jedele, Shary Levleit & Jennifer Young. In the second row are Tim Marion, John Ceriani, Hal Losey, Charlene Deasy, Paul Emerson, Eliz Merchant, Elizabeth Judy, Doris Johnson & Phil Gordon. In the third row are Sherry Gauntlett, Bill Settles, Gay Wedemeyer, Pam Staley, Barb Finkbeiner, Jackie Livingstone,

More than 100 people attended the 125th Saline High School Alumni banquet June 25 at Liberty School.

Speakers included Tim Marion (class of 66), Saline Mayor Brian Marl (class of 03), Saline Area Schools Superintendent Scot Graden (class of 89) and Dana Christner (class of 66). JP DiMaggio (class of 1974) was master of ceremonies. Annherst Kreitz (class of 1983) also spoke on behalf of the Foundation for Saline Area Schools.

It was an evening of laughter and memories as the former classmates rekindled old friendships.

The class of 1966, celebrating its 50th anniversary, was well represented. The class of 1956 also sent more than a dozen to the reunion.

Warren Rentschler, Helen Jedele and Sylvia Weber, from the class of 1943, were among the eldest attendees.

Scot Graden attended the banquet with his father Earl (class of 62) and his son Jay (Class of 2016). The Graden graduates were spaced exactly 27 years apart. 

The Gradens sat near the three members of the class of 1943. Earl Graden recognized Helen Jedele as his bus driver and the two share memories.

"More than 50 years later my father sits down at a table and recognizes his bus driver. It speaks to the impact we have on each other and connections we make in the Saline Area Schools family," Graden said.

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