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 08/29/2018 - 00:30
Re-enacting a late 19th century classroom on the Weber-Blaess One-Room School House, Teacher Alyssa Dawson works with a student.

Going back in time is a back-to-school tradition in Saline.

Every other year, the community gathers for an ice cream social at the Weber Blaess One Room School House. The event is a fundraiser for the Saline Area Schools Historic Preservation Foundation, which helps maintain the structure and provide curriculum for visiting students each spring. But it's also just a social event for friends, families and school staff on a sunny, summer Sunday afternoon.

Mayor Brian Marl served cake while his mother Betsy, who taught elementary school for 40 years, served ice cream. Saline firefighters grilled hot dogs. Fire Chief Craig Hoeft showed kids how a towns people battked fires with bucket brigades in the old days. Musicians played instruments, strummed guitars, sang and fiddled the afternoon away.

Volunteers from the the Saline Community Fair brought baby animals and antique tractors.

In the schoolhouse, head mistress Alyssa Dawson a group of students re-enacted a late 19th century classroom.

In the field, people played croquet and attempted to walk with stilts.

Board of Education trustees Scott Hummel, Dennis Valenti and Michael McVey won the spelling bee - defeating students and administrators.

The Weber-Blaess one room school house opened on Ellsworth Road in Lodi Township in 1867. The first director of the school was Abraham Downer. William Blaess was the school director for 14 years. It was moved to its Woodland Drive location in 2002 and serves as a living history museum.

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